ubermix 2.2 Released with New Kernel/Hardware Enablement

Posted by ubermix On Friday, March 27, 2015 0 comments
ubermix 2.2 has been released with a new kernel, new graphics server, and support for new hardware. Additional changes include (from the changelog):
  • Added onboard on-screen keyboard (for touch devices)
  • Updated synaptics touchpad to latest upstream and patched for proper palm detection
  • Updated Inkscape to latest upstream
  • Updated Pinta to latest upstream
  • Added thermald for better battery life and thermal control on fanless devices
  • Improved disk setup on initial install on Win8 devices
ubermix 2.2 is based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, which is a Long Term Support release, expected to receive updates and security fixes through 2019.

The newly included 3.16 kernel and graphics server include a raft of features including new Kepler GPU support, improved Intel, NVidia, and Radeon graphics support, improved touchscreen and detachable keyboard support, and enhanced support for gaming controllers.

Since many new devices offer touch support, ubermix 2.2 now includes the onboard on-screen keyboard by default, as well as other enhancements to improve the experience on touch-enabled devices.

Inkscape was also updated to version 0.91, which includes an entirely new renderer and over 700 bug fixes. Expect significantly faster rendering of complex images, and new and improved measurement, text, and color tools.

Pinta gains new add-in options, redesigned shape tools, and more flexible layout tools.


Photo Credit: shioshvili via Compfight cc