ubermix 6 Now Available for Download

Posted by ubermix On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 0 comments

We are pleased to report that ubermix 6 is now available. Based on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) the new version offers a plethora of new features and functionality, along with better hardware support than ever. A few of  the new features include:

Gnome 42

Gnome is the core user interface (UI) for ubermix, offering an array of design changes and ease of use improvements. The desktop now uses a horizontal workspace switcher, along with new multi-tasking settings to customise it. The app launcher is also switched to a horizontal layout, and app icons can not only be grouped, but also reorganized. There are new, three-finger touchpad gestures for entering and existing the app launcher and workspace switcher as well, making the whole system a pleasure to use.

Other Gnome related changes include a bunch of new file manager features, such a scrollable path-bar, path-bar autocomplete, support for password protected .zip creation and extraction directly from the file manager.

The whole UI is "prettier", with Gnome 42 finally offering a real, system-wide dark mode. There is even a new cleaner screenshot experience that now offers full screencasting functionality.

Other functionality improvements include the ability to set performance modes from the system menu, similar to battery save modes on mobile phones, more sophisticated multitasking settings, the ability to enable/disable animations, better multi-monitor settings with fractional scaling, additional controls for desktop icons, and more.

An ubermix specific tweak you'll notice is the dock, which defaults to floating mode along the left edge. There are a number of dock settings available in the Appearance control panel, and for ubermix we have re-enabled the rest of the more advanced dock options, which are accessible through the Extensions app.

Application Updates

Default applications are updated across the board, including the latest versions of LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, Shotcut, Chrome, and more. Some applications, like Kazam are no longer necessary, due to built-in support through Gnome, but are still installable, of course, should long time users prefer them. A couple of apps have been changed out for alternatives for a variety of reasons; generally better performance or ongoing maintenance. For example, Notable is now standard and KeepNote is out, as Notable has more modern features and is better maintained.

Hardware Support

Significant updates to installer key hardware support enable installation on some of the latest systems from Lenovo and other vendors who utilize storage and other devices that weren't recognized by ubermix 5. We will upgrade the ubermix 5 key soon, as well. In addition, the new kernel in ubermix 6 provides better performance and broader hardware support, including much simpler integration with discreet graphics cards like those from NVidia and AMD.

Ready to give it a try? 

Download ubermix 6 here.


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