The best, most stable ubermix yet!

Posted by ubermix On Tuesday, September 3, 2013 1 comments
Today, ubermix 1.3 was posted on the ubermix download page, bringing with it quite a few changes and improvements, including:
  • Updated all the base packages to parity with Ubuntu Precise major revision 12.04.3. In addition, the version numbering scheme was changed to match (hence the jump from 1.083 to 1.3) to better align with Ubuntu point releases (ie Ubuntu 12.04.3 = ubermix 1.3).
  • Updated xorg (X window subsystem) to the same codebase as Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail). This brings with it a significant number of video driver updates and performance/reliability improvements.
  • Replaced ubermix's custom Linux kernel to Ubuntu stock version 3.8.x (also from Raring Ringtail), now that Ubuntu has caught up to ubermix. Eases compatibility, troubleshooting, and support, now that we match Ubuntu bit-for-bit.
  • Added the capability for any end-user to install any Ubuntu kernel (including updates) without breaking ubermix.
  • Improved Google Earth reliability and performance, especially on lower-end Intel systems.
  • Updated the Unity desktop environment, for those who prefer it to the ubermix lightweight launcher. For details see the Alternate Environments wiki page.
  • Improved bootup process handling, including the addition of an alternative mechanism to get to the reset menu by simply holding down shift at startup. This should be far easier for end users, as they no longer have to press esc during the magic 3 seconds right after the hardware splash screen at bootup. Simply hold down shift until the menu appears.
  • Special setup and scripts for troublesome Cedar Trail netbook graphics, are no longer necessary. Cedar Trail works perfectly on out-of-the-box ubermix, without alteration.
  • Brightness control function has improved dramatically - fixes will likely no longer be necessary on even the most quirky of systems.
These changes should make large and small ubermix deployments even easier, no matter what hardware you might have.

If you haven't yet tried ubermix for yourself, be sure to check out the VirtualBox VM (works on Mac, Windows, and Linux) on the downloads page. And if you're ready to install, download the install key file from the same location and follow the instructions here to make your very own.

Photo Credit: Nathan E Photography cc